Arthur Danto highlights Warhol's work, because, like Duchamp's readymades, Campbell's Soup Can assumes the everyday life of the object. A work of art is not a work of art because of an intrinsic quality; It is not the object that has an aesthetic particularity that differentiates it from other objects; the essence of art is in the concept. What makes Warhol's work possible to be is the theory of art to which the work is ascribed. And once the object is considered art, it will begin to be seen according to the relationship between what is presented and how it is done within this theory.
We might think that Campbell's Soup Can, and the rest of the objects that Warhol worked with, are just excuses to question art theory. Assuming that the soup can is just an excuse to prove a point, we also are using his soup as an excuse to create this game.

And we like to think, that because is one of the most popular platforms for uploading independent games, we could assume that everything uploaded to this website IS a video game. Once this medley of images, texts, and audio is read like a game, whatever we decide to show will be seen through the eyes of this field of work.

And that, would be the most honest approach that could be made to the subject of this GameJam.

All the desing done in MSPaint, incluiding the font, and animation. 

coding & game design: @marc000.99 

music & sound: @djmemero

graphics: @_siempre.gracias_

PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(1 total ratings)
AuthorsMarc000.99, eloísa
Tagsart-theory, browser, Experimental, mspaint, paint, paintjam, plataformer


who the fuck is 42 MB


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no, we're americans but we spend a lot of time in chilean forums to understand their culture


sí, somos chilenos